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Lack of opportunities and poverty strikes homes and communities to destroy families. Broken homes creates single parenting and leads to poor upbringing and hardship.

Education can reduce poverty, education gives knowledge and council humans to live a fulfilled way of life. This is why we preach that every kid deserves proper education so they don’t grow up a burden on their parents or become parent for them to put their kids in this same predicaments. It will then become generational if not prevented.


These happenings leads so many innocent children into hardships and life threatening circumstances in Africa. In our movements inside Swedru township, we chanced on children who look hungry and sick.

Speaking to Mr. Otuntum who happens to be the King’s right hand man, we discussed the hardship the children are facing caused by poverty and illiteracy.

Mr. Otuntum threw more light on the causes of the challenges highlighted


Fidel interviewing Mr Otuntum

Watch Kids Begging on the streets (Comprehensive Video)


You eventually chance on them begging on the street or in the market. Putting their lives in danger and at risk even when their parents were around.

We will love to create a feeding program that will provide food to the hungry kids each week and stop majority from begging for money to buy food. This cause is to raise funds to support the program. The program will educate and inspire the grown youth to engage more in farming, we will host training sessions where majority of the youth will develop passion to engage themselves in farming activities.

Watch full documentary on our visit to Swedru>>>

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