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We discovered a young man by the name Mr. Emmanuel Nyame on our visit to Agona Swedru – Ghana who was doing very well which got the Benabi Discovery team overwhelmed. He sold all his properties, lands and took out all his savings to establish a vocational school for the community and named it “Show Your Love Vocational School”. The vocational school is free, and you need not to pay anything to acquire knowledge and skills. Speaking to him, he amused us when he told the team he has over 260 trainees in 3 different locations namely Asafo, Takoradi and Swedru itself. He also caters for their food, shelter, accommodation and finances..

We decided to add Mr. Emmanuel Nyame to our cause list and also put his story out there. His vision is solid, flawless and touching, we chanced on the training and skills he is impacting on these young energetic ones. Training Hairdressers, Tailors, Seamstress, Pastry makers, Carpenters, Nurses, Sprayers, Aluminium glass, fittings and many more. The question is, how does he pay the teachers? We made a short documentary about his school by interviewing trainees and teachers. His film was added to our “Discover Agona Swedru” documentary to support his good will. Watch here: [skip to 5:30]

We want to help Mr. Emmanuel Nyame and his Show Your Love Vocational School. His vision is priceless, we want to support them financially. The trainees mentioned lots of problems they facing in the school which was spewed in the documentary.


We are on a cause to build one more study rooms for Show Your Love Vocational School. They most at times run out of food, they lack machines for their training especially Sewing machines, they lack student materials, carpentry tools and other learning materials which enhances their learning skills.


We will help Mr. Emmanuel Nyame complete the new vocational school building, one major problem is that, over 30 trainees sleep in one hall, the same hall they have their training sections is the same hall they lay their heads. It is of our best interest as a Charity organization to build and complete what he has started, furnished and provide them with all needed facilities.

You can also be a part and support this cause by donating building materials, learning materials, food or any form of offer that can ease the tension and the sufferings of these trainees to put smiles on their faces.

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