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Study shows that children who are unfortunate to have proper education or do not experience education at all at their thunder bolt age, face life challenges at adult stages. They eventually turns out to be a burden in the society.

70% of the money ritual and fraudulent activities in Ghana comes from Swedru. What is locally known or termed as “Sakawa”. Various youth indulge in this evil act due to poverty and lack of education. One of the major reasons we chose Swedru to do our first discovery is the cliche that has been tagged to the township over the years about the ritual and fraudulent activity which has gained momentum for a long period of time.

This is because the kids are not taken proper care of before growing up on the streets to learn certain stuffs, they are open to peers, gang life, street-ism and other uncalled lifestyle.

Benabi Discovery sees it as a need to take up the cause to solicit for funds to put majority of these unfortunate and deprived kids to school.

Education can solve 60% of our societal problems, it will develop the nation and reduce poverty.  Support us as we support these kids by giving them educational materials like pens, books, crayons, mathematical instruments, uniforms and many more.

Our happiness lies in the future of our youth, the up and coming youth. Our decisions in their lives, our impact, our efforts and proactive approach to their future will grant us peace and unending joy. Write to us, or donate any educational material that is within your strength to secure the future of these adorable up comings.


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