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Swedru is a beautiful township in the Central Region of Ghana, with vast lands and farming as their source of revenue. The community depend on trading. The people grow wide variety of crops like tomatoes, pepper, cassava, yam, coconut, pawpaw and many more.

The community also have love for growing palm trees, which helps them produce palm kennel, palm oil and others.

The serene surroundings of the town makes it convenient for entrepreneurs to invest. There are few community development to be done. Especially with the river down the main market, it breeds lot of mosquitoes. Also the community deserves equipment to enhance their produce.

Swedru does farming the hard way hence limit their ability to produce more. Another challenge that hinders their quantum is fertilizers and organic manure.

The town also lack market of their own, the land they trade on doesn’t belong to them. Each month, the land owner comes for his monthly bill. This makes it so hard for market sellers to trade. Also, the market has no selling shelves or cages, even there is no roof or shelter to protect them from the hot sun and when there is rain.

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