WATCH: Discover Agona Swedru Full Documentary | How It Happened
28 December, 2018

WATCH: Discover Agona Swedru Full Documentary | How It Happened

/ 3 years ago

Benabi Discovery is best known for unscripted videos, the team on its discover to recover mission decided to visit rural areas and villages who needed help the most to document on their way of living.



The first township selected which is about 150km away from the city is Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. It was a tough one, visiting a town  which you barely have experience and capturing their real moments without a scope or it been planned, or scripted.

Stretch from Winneba roundabout to Agona Swedru

On our we saw natives living in slums and other living in well structured buildings, we also saw vast lands with trees and few vegetable plantations.

On arrival, the team made a wide drone shot of the community and it surroundings. We gathered and decided on how to go about the day in order to capture the best scenes for the documentary whiles the drone kept piloting.

Planning and piloting DJI Mavic Pro

Now it was time to ask natives for directions to their hospitals, markets, available schools and community facilities. We approached a nearby grocery shop and the shop attendant kindly directed us to the Swedru Government Hospital.

At the Swedru Government Hospital we chanced on an Amputated man who shared his great memories and told his story. Story featured in our documentary below

Discover Agona Swedru Full Documentary [Skip to 22:12] for story

Other natives approached us and ask what we are about due to our appearance. One native reported a problem they where facing and took us to the event.

Watch full documentary to catch up all the stories on “Discover Agona Swedru” Journey. Kindly subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more touching stories.


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