Getting to know Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana

/ 4 years ago

Meet Mr. Otuntum, the king right hand man in Agona Swedru. He took us through the history, background, festivals, customs, values and lifestyle of the people. We happened to know more about their source of #livelihood and work they engage in

According to Mr. Otuntum, they migrated from a different town because of war, they had no choice than to settle here. This was their first settlement after moving from their ancestral home.

The history of Agona Swedru begun early 1600. We had an exciting experience. Seeing the Asafo post, taking a good view of the palanquin and talking drums we realized there was so much to know, learn and discover. But wait! This isn’t our mission. Our mission is to transform lives, a #helping hand and give opportunities.

Walking down the street, the king right hand man, enlightened us about the current state of Agona Swedru. We took much time to educate ourselves and understand their challenges.

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He said, about 40% of students become #dropouts because of hardship and poor parenting. These dropouts eventually, end up in the ghettos, in base and so on. They engage in criminal acts like robbery, fraud, drugs and finally end up in prison, some have been sentenced but still others still go there. But if not be the poverty situation that they are in, their parents see to it that they are in school.


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