I Climb 150 Coconut Trees in a Day – Yaw Tawia
01 December, 2018

I Climb 150 Coconut Trees in a Day – Yaw Tawia

/ 4 years ago

Benabi Discovery on their discover to recover journey in Agona Swedru met Yaw Willy Tawia on a sunny day. We had a chit chat whiles enjoying some fresh coconut water. I bet you, the taste was fresh and awesome. He told us he started coconut business for 10 years ago. The price of one coconut was 30 pesewas by then. Now it is 1.50ghc  which is 500% the price today.

Well, after a research before we hit Agona Swedru community, we knew the town and the whole Central Region produces the best and majority of Ghana’s fresh coconut. Some are sent to the capital city and also exported to other countries. This tells us investors will make huge profit if they venture into production of coconut and establishing a strong foundation to lift up the business here.

On the flip side, humble guy Tawia told us they climb the coconut trees which is about 15 and above feet tall and pluck them to trade. They plug the coconut from their farm in the community called Asafo. In a day each person can climb about 150 trees. Tawia boast he personally used to climb over 300 trees within 3 days to pluck coconuts. Wow! This is a big blow. He said, business is good and it fetches them a lot of profit even though in Swedru, it is been sold at a cheaper price.

Tawia told us this is the same business he did to look after his wife and 2 kids. This is the same business which caters for their education and welfare. He looks happy and passionate about his business and ever ready to do business with anyone who is willing. We were happy to meet him and we found his story inspiring.

As a foundation that support Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurial growth, we deem it wise to give Yaw Tawia, that exposure and help him reach an idea that will compel him to do business in the new age way. You can reach Tawia at Agona Swedru, a few steps when heading towards Swedru Government Hospital. Write to us or contact Benabi Discovery for further information.


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