I Slept and Had a Dream Just to Wake Up Amputated
02 January, 2019

I Slept and Had a Dream Just to Wake Up Amputated

/ 3 years ago

The story of Yaw Berko is the most shocking news we’ve ever had. Yaw Berko is a native of Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. Benabi Discovery met this young man at the Swedru Government Hospital on the mission “Discover Agona Swedru”. We made a turn at the hospital to pick great stories and provide help.

Then we met this amputated man who was accompanied by 2 other women, he was without a wheelchair and this was the main reason we decided to interview him. Yaw Berko told us his story, shocking and sad. His story is part of our full documentary on “Discover Agona Swedru” Watch here

He said…

It happened when I was nine years oldI slept one night and dreamt I was disabled, I wake up and saw it manifested to real life. My parents tried everything possible to heal me by sending me to medical centers and other places but couldn’t work.

We asked if he finds it challenging going about life duties and he replied, I’m strong and able to work, sometimes I get money and buy palm nut for orphans and those who have nothing to eat. I worked hard to raise capital to start up through the same farming.

Yaw Berko is a prolific farmer who cultivates, tomatoes, garden eggs, pepper, maize and cassava. He came to the because because of his grandchild, it’s been a month, she was pregnant and he heard that she had delivered and taught she will be discharged today.

Watch Discover Agona Swedru Full Documentary



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