I want to be a Bank Manager – Homeless Boy Joseph Boateng alias Ahuofe laments

/ 3 years ago

In previous footages, homeless boy Joseph Boateng, popularly known as Ahuofe was found sleeping on a pavement around Accra Mall. He was secretly filmed as he went about his daily movements. Though his movement was slow but we were able to get enough activities around his circles.

On another day, his attention was called in order to find out extra information about his background and how he found himself in this condition. He was given the opportunity to tell his story.

In an interview with Ahuofe, he told Benabi Discovery that he has been on the street for over four years. He came from Swedru to find greener pastures and had to stay on the street and beg for money.

The 14 year old boy said he dropped out of school in swedru after his mum and dad divorce. He went further by saying his dad sold his school uniform to someone right after the break up. He later moved to the city to beg for money.

Ahuofe told Benabi Discovery, he will love to go back to school but not in the city. He will stay in school and will be punctual if only he goes back to swedru and stay with his grandmother. I will like to go to school, but I will love to be with my Grandmother, Nothing stops me, I just want to go back home and stay with my Grandma and continue my education. If I’m forced to school in the city, I will definitely come back to the street. The reason is, I have friends who might influence me to continue the street life or I might find myself coming back to mingle with them, so when I attend school in the city, I will still come back to the street. Will have to go back home to my Grandma in Swedru. I wouldn’t get the chance to come back here, the popular homeless boy said.

I will like to be a bank manager in future, the Swedru boy added. 

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