Man Spat on a Street Child Whiles He Was Sleeping [Secret Filming]

/ 3 years ago

For Benabi Discovery to socially experiment and discover to an extent of what experiences a street child encounter during a day, there is a need to secretly follow one with our camera to gain better result.

On a working Monday, from 5:00am early morning, the boy was found sleeping on a pavement around Accra Mall. He was part of those sleeping at the same place in our previous discovery. Previous Discovery: [Watch Video]

Abandoned Homeless Kids In Africa – Ghana Discover 1

The dangers that comes with sleeping on the street doesn’t seem to alarm the victim or eyewitnesses. Till sunrise, the poor boy kept sleeping extremely close to where vehicles commute. Lot of pedestrians passed by as this poor boy kept on sleeping. Citizens who were busy and up for work saw the boy but couldn’t do anything about it, even policemen. It clearly shows that, a street boy sleeping on the floor, close to a major road that links to a highway is normal in Ghana. [Watch Video]

Apparently we taught that was enough until a man spat right beside this poor boy whiles passing. That was very nasty and awful. This unpleasant act triggered our headline. Its either he did that unknowingly or it was intentional. Well we can’t tell. From the look at things, we leave our readers to judge. [Watch Video]

The boy woke up after a woman tidying up the place gave him a soft touch with her broom. He woke up immediately. It’s a day break for this child. He took his unfold package and continued to where he kept his belongings. Went ahead to wash his face with left over sachet water and off to get his meal. Porridge and bread was enough for him, after enjoying his meal, he then rest for a while and woke up when the sunlight got to his end. [Watch Video]

Benabi Discovery approached few of the motorcycle riders and hawkers around which we believe knows him well, after a while, we decided to talk to one guy among them off camera to figure out more about him.

Information we got was, he has been around for over 5 years and he is very popular in that area. Based on the information we had, he came from Swedru in the central part of Ghana and has been sent to the orphanage severally but escapes and come back to the street to beg. [Watch Video]

His name is Ahuofe and well known because he has been around for long. More stories about him will be documented in our next discover. [Watch Video]

Watch Abandoned Homeless Kids in Africa- Ghana Discover 2: [Watch Video]

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