I Sold All My Properties For Charity- Emmanuel Nyame

A man in Swedru sold all his properties to start a free vocational school and named it Show Your Love

Man Spat on a Street Child Whiles He Was Sleeping [Secret Filming]

For Benabi Discovery to socially experiment and discover to an extent of what experiences a street child encounter during a

The Life of Homeless Children in Accra- Ghana – Benabi Discovery

Most street children in Ghana are found in the major cities like Kumasi, Accra, and Tamale with only Accra housing

Discover to Recover Foundation Launched in Accra, at The British Council | Benabi Discovery

Benabi Discovery officially launched their foundation at the British Council in Accra, Liberia Road on Wednesday 17th December 2018

Benabi Discovery Releases 1st Episode of Abandoned Homeless Kids in Africa

After series of research, over 50,000 street children are found in Ghana with Greater- Accra hosting majority of them

I Slept and Had a Dream Just to Wake Up Amputated

Shocking: Berko slept one night and saw himself as disabled in a dream only to wake up to find himself

Getting to know Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana

On our 1st mission in Ghana, we visited a community in the Central part of the country and discovered lots of people

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