The Life of Homeless Children in Accra- Ghana – Benabi Discovery
26 April, 2019

The Life of Homeless Children in Accra- Ghana – Benabi Discovery

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The immense growth of street children in Africa is a threat to our future. 30 Million street children are found in our continent (Africa) and estimated that more than 90,000 children are found on the street of Ghana. 33,000 street children were recorded in Ghana as at June 2011, in 2014, the number increased to 90,000. 2019 is here, we have no idea. SOURCE:

Most street children in Ghana are found in the major cities like Kumasi, Accra, and Tamale with only Accra housing more than 1,000 street children. Each day, the number increases. Child street-ism is common, been overlooked and now has become a norm in the eyes of men. [Watch Video]

They face the hardships on the street, they are socially deprived and have no love for humanity. The males grow up to join gangs and end up becoming armed robbers, thieves, drug addict and engage in other criminal activities which comes back to affect we the innocent citizens. Females become prostitutes, some are being raped and others are infected with diseases and die in the process. [Watch Video]

Now this is not normal, it is life threatening, dangerous and shouldn’t be entertained in a fast growing economy like Ghana. As concerned citizens and non- profit organization, campaigning to raise the standard of living of the unfortunate and giving opportunities to the less privilege to use our platform to tell their story is our primary duty. There is a need to create awareness, join forces, organize mentorships and experiment ways of getting rid of all homeless children found on the street of Ghana. [Watch Video]

This is a national responsibility not just the duty of authorities or the government. One may ask, why? And how does it become the responsibility of every individual. Our social experiments proves that every child found has a story and reason he/ she became a street (Kuborlor) boy or girl. It all begins from our various homes and major factor comes from our parents. [Watch Video]

After few random convo we held off the camera, some reported they find the street as their new home to the extent that when they are sacked a thousand times they will still come back thousand times, funny. Others blame it on their broken homes, hardships of life, some are orphans, some are just stubborn and decided to be on the street by living their homes and others are psychologically unstable, not completely healthy due to drugs (tramadol and glue in take) [Watch Video]

After finding these abandoned kids on the streets of Accra during the day, Benabi Discovery decided to check on them at dawn to know where they sleep and surprisingly they were found sleeping around the same place they go about their daily routine. [Watch Video]

Watch Abandoned Homeless Kids in Ghana (Secret Filming) here

[Discover Day]

At 3:30am, we left our various homes to scout the city, by 4:30am we were around the Accra Mall were we spotted 4 kids sleeping on a pavement. A walk way where most pedestrians use. On the spot, we found them on a pavement, with unfold package boxes and dirty bed sheet which seem to be enough for their bedroom. These 4 kids were secretly filmed till 7am. We continued to Airport – Spintex Road (Under Railway Bridge) and saw few sleeping as well, over to the National Theater, some were cleaning windscreens of cars in traffic. Shiashie and Spanner Junction Overpass recorded most of them. [Watch Abandoned Homeless Kids in Ghana (Secret Filming) here]

Also, Benabi Discovery received reports that some can be found around Kasoa, Lapaz, Tudu and other places.

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